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Visual Merchandising

Seasonal decoration, product staging, shop window campaigns

Brand Displays

Brand communication, branding blocks, tombstones, awards, award systems, logo & product embedding in acrylics

Dialog Marketing

gift with purchase, mailings, 3D models


Product displays, on counter displays, rotating displays – acrylic, metal, wood

POS Furniture

Showcases, presentation furniture, sales furniture, cash desk furniture, sample vending machine

Illuminated Advertising / Facades

Illuminated lettering, illuminated signs, illuminated columns, illuminated pylons, guidance systems, parking guidance systems, trade fair and stadium lettering, intelligent/light-controlled facades

Shop in Shop

Design, display and POS furniture production, rollout planning, installation, documentation

Digital Signage

Digital information pillars, indoor/outdoor pillars, touchscreens, infotainment, entertainment, content management, customer interaction, digital product advisors, customer stoppers with people counting function and traffic light display, Decide With Light, IoT

Personal Protection Products / NEW since March 2020

iCQT, PET visors, mobile Plexiglas screens, partition systems, transparent roll-ups, floor stickers, customer stoppers with people counting function and traffic light display, antibacterial touch screen cleaners, disinfectant dispensers, 100% cotton mouth/nose protection, touchless holy water stands (www.personenschutzprodukte.eu)

Shop Fitting

GU services, furniture production, lighting elements, assembly, documentation