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The PACT Group is a future-oriented company rooted in Tyrol but at home in the world. With locations on three continents and customers around the globe, PACT is the first address for the point of sale. This is ensured by revolutionary ideas paired with extensive know-how, technical expertise and years of experience. Whether visual merchandising, digital signage, shopfitting or shop-in-shop systems: We know how product presentation works today, but are always thinking about tomorrow. Our world never stands still – that’s why we can’t wait to write new stories with you! Excited? Don´t worry! We accompany you from the first sketch through 2D and 3D visualisations to serial production and bring 100% reliability.

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Because the world at the point of sale has changed abruptly with COVID-19, we have responded to the new needs and put our power into the development and production of personal COVID-19 protection products. These include mouth-nose protection masks, face visors and partition systems as well as disinfectant dispensers. The flagship of our Physical Distancing Tools is the iCQT (interactive COVID Quick Test), a COVID quick test for practical use: for schools and educational institutions, the hotel and catering industry, retail, medical facilities or the sports, culture and event industry. The iCQT delivers a result within a few seconds, is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and, above all, practical. Because it is clear to us: life must go on with safety!